Promix Service Repair Form

Please complete all details correctly and Please also attach one copy of this form to the faulty goods BEFORE shipping. 

Promix Commissioning Forms

 WoodTech Electronics requires the Promix Commissioning Forms to be filled out after any Promix System is commissioned for warranty and servicing proposes, fail to do so will or could void the warranty of the Promix LCD Systems this is the responsibility of the installer and bowl manufacture only. 

Warranty Terms and Conditions of Sale

AII WoodTech Products include a 12mth Warranty from the original date of purchase. Goods must be returned to sender for any repair or replacements.  Our Warranty only covers Software, Hardware and Design Faults on products built by WoodTech Electronics.  Our Warranty does not cover Freight, Labour, Travel, Downtime or Poor/Incorrect Installation that has caused damage to any other equipment or assets.