About WoodTech Electronics

WoodTech Electronics can offer a wide range of electronic end to end hardware solutions that are manufactured in-house for your next project. 

Promix LCD System Installed

Promix LCD System comes standard with one harness that suits all models of trucks and Transit Mixer Bowls making our system the most universal and easily configurable system on the market today. 

Promix LCD Main Operator Screen

Promix LCD Main Operator Screen this video covers the Buttons and Icons and their actions on the main screen.

Promix LCD System Configurations

Promix LCD Vehicle & Mixer Configurations

video covers:

  • Hydraulic Pump Selection 
  • Vehicle Transmission Selection
  • Engine Revs Selection
  • Hydraulic Ramp Rates 
  • Park Brake, Neutral, Service Brake Headlight, Engine RPM Input Topic Selections.  

Promix LCD System Setting

Promix LCD System Setting video covers:

  • Analog Revs Settings
  • Transit Setting
  • Plant Mix Setting
  • Wash Out Setting
  • Auto Travel Mode
  • Hand Remote Speed Alert

Promix LCD Display Settings

Promix LCD Display Setting video covers:

  • LCD Brightness Level
  • LCD Voice Volume Level
  • External Speaker (optional)

Promix LCD View Built-In Diagnostics

Promix LCD Controller comes with its own built-in System Diagnostic Screen showing the status of all inputs and outputs via the main controller as well as the remote.

Promix LCD System Weighing

Promix LCD Systems offers on-board Weighing Solutions for most Transit Mixers. 

New V2 Crane LED Tri Light

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