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Customer Support

Woodtech Electronics Product WoodTech Electronics offers full product support from design through manufacture and system integration. We invite you to explore our service offerings and see how WoodTech Electronics can help you with your product or system needs!

In addition to new product manufacturing capabilities, WoodTech Electronics provides comprehensive service for modifications, repairs, and upgrades. Our service goal is to provide fast, flexible, and responsive assistance to our Customers before, during, and after the sale. WoodTech Electronics Customers feel comfortable in knowing that the end of the sale is not the end of the partnership. We provide our Customers service options designed to support their Customers - even after a product has gone end-of-life.

  • Design, Manufacture, Assembly, Testing
  • Workshop repair & upgrade
  • Remanufacture
  • Final product packaging (including documentation and other items as required)

We believe COMMUNICATION is the key to a successful relationship with our customers!